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Saturday, October 29, 2011

CCHR: The CIA Doctors—Psychiatry & Mind Control - YouTube

CCHR: The CIA Doctors—Psychiatry & Mind Control - YouTube:

"Psychiatrist Colin Ross, author of "The CIA Doctors" and "Military Mind Control" describes the longstanding relationship between intelligence agencies, the military, psychiatry and psychology in Mind Control experiments on unwitting subjects, including use of LSD, psychiatric drugs, radiation, brain electrode implants, hypnosis, verified through government documents obtained through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). For more information read Dr. Ross' blog "The CIA Mind Control Doctors, From Harvard to Guantanamo"

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  1. This is ridiculous what those people do to you the way I no about the symptoms there trying to give me is through research of other people with the same symptoms and it's like torment what they do to target individual I'm a new target they have been targeting me for 10months and have been experimenting on me for 6months the things those people do to you obama calls it science with a smill while people out here being tortured by the cia and military nwo war it's sad the government would have the military other members of there colleague to motion on one individual at a time not only that turning family and friends against those there try to put a illness on while there trying to create that illness on a individual for no reason study prove to me they are treating the U.S. Citizens as lab rats and telling the individual there on utub there on Facebook being watch by the public and the government got all those things taking place and more on one individual while every one around you are not going through a thing but you are fill your body being heat up by the microwave beam device and they don't give a care about it there stocking you the whole time to see if you are going to hurt yourself or someone else they constantly telling you that people are picking on you to paraony you to make you fill no one likes you and have your family turn against you those strollers are us to kill people for government money some say insurance that why there trying to paraony you to death with a silent implant to have you out about herm people set them up to be a shooter to hurt people with the paranoia they implant on you I hope this stops and I pray that want be they plan for the new world order to implant people surveillance people you do them like that of who they serve why can satanic people by asking for people to respect them acting like they want people th be accepting gay marriage do all these for them to fill accepted and still can accept them self the lord said come as you are there are plenty gay people that go to church and many people that stuck in sin going to church so why are there people that insecure of what they do they can't or haven't lord how to accept them self worrying about what Christian people thank about them blaming the Christian for what God sad we didn't make the laws in the bible the lord did so why harassing the Christian when we accept you for who you are what is the insecurity of a Satan worshipper way they can't accept them selves they fill like if you not worshipping Satan they don't want you apart of the new age they are to insecure for me no one is responsible for accepting you but yourself one you Lear how to accept you then others will see it and do so to it's not right to put your insecurities on others it's better to learn how to accept yourself instead of hurt Christian people you wanted to be like God so much that you took what the lord said he will do to his people poor put his spirit on them with fire and you turn around wanting to be like Gods and create that microwave beam to hurt the Lord's people so what is your now war really about how you can manipulate people with science lie to the people of the world say it's a return when the government is the one using microwave beaming harassing on the citizens with the cern technologies experimentation on people using them for sex trafficking depopulating the earth for replicas what is wrong with earth we live on it's ridicules