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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Assault on Kommy Yazdian by Miami Police and Medical Staff - FBI/CIA ARE TERRORISTS


  1. A nation and its people who deliberately engage in the systematic conquest, subjugation, torture, imprisonment and killing of others must by the laws of physics and divine nature have the same calamities delivered upon themselves.

  2. Chicago police are targetting me also, I can prove all their gangstalking crimes in federal court. Sue the crap out of them.

    Since you know who your perps are sue them in court, you probably could supeona your perps name in court, This would be a civil rights lawsuit gather your evidence, witnesses and show it to a civil rights lawyer. Show him all the police misconduct evidence. You wont find a lwyer in chicago, Chicago is corrupt but florida Im sure is much different.

  3. Please we are isolated need lots of Help!!.......,For the last nine years I have been trying to expose corruption, to no avail, Plz read my blog that I post here in daily "Let's get some JUSTICE in Miami" http://marinameadows.wordpress/(DOT)com, or MarinaMeadows.blogspot(DOT)com, find out what is been done to our family, how the medicals records have been used to harm us, medications tampered, isolation, & manipulation of internet, mail & phones, how my 3 sons have been manipulated, the roll of the Police & Gov.Officials allowing this abuse mental, emotional & physical to go on for years, to cover all their wrong doing, No hesitation in destroying our whole family, adding that the father of my sons & his mother, both UK citizens passed away very suddenly...??? Here we still suffering, almost collapsing without any one doing anything to help us; now after 5 months here, been able to text a bit I come to understand how tainted & corrupted things are, manipulated by well-connected individuals, corporate executives & politically motivated Gov.Officials who simply buried the truth inside a shadow legal system inaccessible to everyday ordinary American citizens. So I give thanks to God for the strength given to us and for people that help make the truth come to light!!! By the way if any one out there with some humanity can do anything for us, we appreciate very much the help!!! We need a pro-bono Lawyer that is not fearful to confront the Judges, willing to help us, ASAP, it is Urgent, my mother loosing her eye sight, day by day since she is not able to put her eye drops for her glaucoma, or take any medication needed, and we all perishing.........We do exist !!!

    1. My name is Duane call me 1-630-407-4905

  4. Kommy is assaulted, threatened and terrorized by the living dead, even as he represents the truly alive and vibrantly productive within our culture.

  5. Remove fbi, disarm police,eliminate criminal code & replace with civil guidelines, require new curriculum *training for all who work within newly created civil & humane education system.

  6. My name is kimbrick Hunter and I too am a victim of the terror government cell operating in south Florida since 2009. I became I physical victim of it in May of 2010 at our local hospital under them ambushing arranged rape attcks.
    I now live under the threat of satellite rape and sodomy of my body as they covertly attempt to repeatedly abuse my body inside our home.
    I'm not the best spokes person on human rights but I've taken to notifying our local leaders on the painful subject matter. We have neighbor6 they moved in that try to continuously damage my lower pelvic region as I sleep or move about inside or outside our neighborhood.
    This is what made me reach out the Congressional parties here. It's bad enough these unsaved ungodly unholy people attacked my body at the hospital its another thing when they employ weapons to stalk you and harm your body with non lethal weapons that become lethal because of the confidential misuse of them.
    Call your leaders. At the start of my family attacks ambush blackmail or sheer gang stalking terror group in South Florida Miami. The police were used at one point to try to help cover up for our terrorists groups I've learned are privileged private corporate or government shadow agency founded. So be careful about just calling anyone.
    Unlike many targeted individuals or whistle blower retaliation victim's. God gave me visions as far back as 2008 before our family were fully targeted and my abuse from local terror attacks groups.
    I wouldn't know how to began to fully fix all this without hurting people who aren't the perps they tend to put people up to do their wrong through their power then leaving them to the blame. Go public but wisely the people they use to help them have families also once they learn they've been used to commit a crime against you or those you love they live in fear opposite of the fear you cope with.
    The perpsbthink what they do or have others to do is entertainment anything but that. If you are going through anything near to what my family have since 2009 allnof your communication systems are hacked monitored and often times blocked unless it's the information the Shadow government or privileged private founded corporations pay for.
    Fight back your family needs you. I have three human kids I love dearly and everyday since 2010 hospital attack and unlawful body implant in my rectum I worry about this corrupt and evil city actions holding us up.
    This type of social terrorism don't have a action team. Only victims. God bless you you are not alone both saved and unsaved people living in South Florida Miami are victims of this covert victimship. But know God have nothing to do with the harm stemming from it all. Mr h awesome is my Google Page I posted information on it to help people since not much information is out there for prearranged events like these where militant grade weapon's are often times used through our local justice system rogue departments. Try to remain positive. Your friend in a evil battle........

  7. And Kommy Yazdian I'm sorry harm in such way was done to you. But people need to remember all our justice systems are full of imperfect people many of which don't serve God they aren't saved and have no true love controlling them.
    The Bible or Torah tells us their minds are blinded by the influence of Satan the evil one. I pray you can move past what has happened without anger and bitterness.
    God bless you dear soul and your life events no our life events on earth don't dictate who we are in life. Your brother in a corrupt evil covert Battle. Mr h awesome a victim similar to you but not the same as you. Be Strong you have people who love you past your event. You are not a situation.