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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

JBH Testimony

    • Hello I am going to use my initials instead of my name for this but I would like for you to read about my experiences of Electronic Warfare/Harassment on Civilians.

      My harassment started the very day I was born.

      Throughout my life the harassment has varied from illegal spying and effecting my interaction with the world around me to harassment from those around me and illegal persecution from the public services and the government. Not to mention audio from nurophones and constant irritation in the last few years.

      Aged only a few years I remember having holographic intruders projected in the family home at night.

      Although I had a good [completely average] upbringing I was affected both myself and those around me by not being able to interact properly with the world around us leading to a sometimes isolated lifestyle particular sociably with unexplainable occurrences.

      I found that at times I was being helped to get through life this includes things like never being refused a job ECT however these all included negative factors and/or ended badly with the negative factors outweighing the positive factors over time.

      I have found a distinct lack in the variation of how people look with everybody being made up of about 20 different designs in total.

      I have written this experience report to get any help that I can with this and to make sure others know what to expect.

      There is no I in team but there is an E for everybody I only wish the world worked more like this than it dose at the moment.

      Signed, JBH


  1. Interesting story. One question, if you will:

    How did you arrive at the idea that you generally recognize 20 different "designs of people"? iirc, there are less than 10 distinct gene pools giving rise to all human beings. Given that, could it be that you appropriately recognize the few distinct patterns that exist, with only individual details? If so, that would seem to make you the kind of person who recognizes that overall, we all have more in common than we have in differences? Seems more of an information processing style frequently mentioned. Some refer to it as roll-up. It leaves room for processing other, more pertinent less surfacy details. (There's a reason why there's an adage to discourage judging books by covers). Sounds like nature gave that to you as a gift.

    Moreover, if you are suggesting that you possess a tendency to roll up patterns visually, it is common knowledge that sensory intakes often feature compensatory/complementary/trade-off modeling (probably a matter of multiplexing capabilities among dedicated/developed areas of the brain). In other words, a tendency to roll-up data in one set of sensory input would more than likely be accompanied by diversification and elaboration in other senses (e.g., hearing, touch, auric vibration or non-verbal detection, etc.). Think of Helen Keller, for example. She learned to speak via tactile learning while she also had sight and hearing impairments.

    Deficit/deficiency models rarely give rise to blueprints (muchless expectation) of abilities, which is why they are so outmoded by today's standards. Whereas branding creates stuckness (a good thing if you are a manufactured product, a bad thing if you are human), focus on information as a live entity (learning, experience and dynamism) is far more rife with potentiality/possibility.

    Whatever your experiences have been, life is always a perpetual motion, faster-than-the-speed of-light (if you practice relaxed attention not fixation), universe of contraction and expansion. The only thing that stays the same is change. As they say, good luck and godspeed.

  2. Interesting, although I don't understand this statement-

    "I have found a distinct lack in the variation of how people look with everybody being made up of about 20 different designs in total."


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