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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Pamela June Anderson's Testimony to the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethics

Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethics 
Nonconsensual Human Subject Testing
The St. Regis Washington, DC
923 16th and K Streets, N.W
Washington, DC 20006

Dear Bioethics Commission, Ms. Gutmann, Members and Staff:
This letter is a statement making you aware of the fact that I, Pamela June Anderson, a citizen of the United States of America, have been a victim of nonconsensual and illegal experimentation and extensive psychological operations. Extending from Mkultra subprojects. I was chosen at birth and placed in one of these programs which I believe started as subproject 119 and Cointelpro projects dating back to the 1950’s. I am requesting an immediate Congressional Investigation.
My father worked for NASA, and my step-father was enlisted in the USAF.  It is very well known that the military and their dependants have been used in these covert programs.  The responsible parties for my nonconsensual experimentation are the Department of Defense, the intelligence communities and private military contractors.  
Some of the examples of my torture, experimentation and harassments include, but are not limited to, are:
1.       At five years of age in 1963 I was remotely electro- shocked awake and witnessed a UFO hovering in a field outside our house in Sherman, TX.  I woke my stepsister and she also witnessed the UFO.  I was immediately put into a remotely influenced deep sleep.  Neither my sister nor I ever mentioned it to our parents; it was like it was erased from our memories.  My stepfather was stationed at the Air Force Base in that area. It is my personal opinion that the experience was an induced screen memory. I started experiencing extreme sleep disturbance after that which has continued. The doctors could not explain.
2.       In approximately 1968, while stationed at Cape Charles Virginia, I was again subjected to military testing of UFO’s. During one of these tests, my mother was with me but I never talked about it, it was if I had been put into a trance or hypnotized not to tell anyone.
3.       In 1974 we were stationed at Ellsworth AFB during that time I was ask to play basketball on the Ellsworth AFB women’s military team.  I thought it was strange being only 16yrs old to be playing with grown women but my mother insisted.  During the game, one of the women stuck her finger into my right eye which witnesses stated was intentional.  What resulted was an eye injury that consisted of a scratch across my cornea and a small bubble where the flesh separated from my eyeball and the connective tissue.  Surgery was needed to repair the damage.  The day of the surgery my dad was called on alert, so my mother took me to the Base hospital. She dropped me off and did not accompany me.  I was placed into a private room and was shortly wheeled into the operating room.  In the operating room the doctor and I were alone. There was no support staff, and no medical equipment such as: heart monitors, IV, blood pressure monitors, etc. The Doctor visually examined me.  Then he administered a hypodermic and I lost consciousness.  When I became aware, I was back in the private room sitting up in bed speaking fluent Spanish.(which I did not know)  I remember hearing the nurses saying that they needed an interpreter, the episode lasted about ten minutes.  After this surgery I went from an honor roll student that year to a failing D-.  Immediately, I started experiencing abnormal, controlled horrifying dreams and remotely influenced imagery that has never ended.
4.       1976 Oregon: subjected to projected sounds filling the room with witness
5.       I have suffered the systematic destruction of my life, health, credibility, financial and general well being as a result of being placed in this program.  For decades I have suffered the following due to these remote weapons and research:

·         My dwellings and vehicles illegally entered, items destroyed or missing and may or may not be replaced at a later date.
·         Organized stalking
·         Remotely influenced control of my mind
·          Burns causing blisters on my ears and foot
·          1/8 inch lacerations that appeared on my arms that bled profusely {these appeared while walking thru a store}
·         Sleep depravation
·         Forced awake at the same time 4:00am
·         Controlled dreams and imagery
·         Cognitive and behavioral control
·         Forced speech
·         While falling asleep – racing heart – decreased heart beat
·         Synthetic  telepathy, Bio communication or Voice to skull
·         Remote influenced trances
·         Remotely influenced subliminal control
·         Projected sounds including voice morphing
·         All forms of communication intercepted: land line and cell phones, mail missing, opened or delayed. Sprint recently admitted only the Government has the power to intercept or corrupt my Blackberry. A Sprint employee in Redlands Ca. witnessed my Blackberry remotely being activated.  I recently had to get a replacement Blackberry.  I have had a plethora of cell phones, all with the same Cointelprol tactics.  My computer programs, internet searches and e-mails
censored, controlled or delayed. All made very obvious.   
·         Records missing or information changed
·         Appointments cancelled
·         Drop down in my tracks fatigue attacks - Dr. cannot explain
·         Induce sleep - Dr. cannot explain
·         All vehicles damaged and staged accidents
·         Electric bills double or triple what they should be with no recourse
·         Money missing out of my accounts
·         Electric shocks all over my body (especially the neck) Dr. cannot explain
·         Non existing warrants for my arrest
·         Extreme blurred vision, itching eyes and eye pain with almost total loss of sight during attacks.  Rapid loss of vision that comes and goes – Dr. cannot fully explain
·          Excruciating knee pain (unable to walk) for weeks with a sudden recovery – Dr. cannot explain
·         Forced remote sexual stimulation and forced orgasms
·         Intense pain in hands (unable to use) sudden recovery – Dr. cannot explain
·         Debilitating migraines – Dr. cannot explain
·         Feeling of energy passing over or inside my body
·         Parts of my body vibrating
·         Sudden hearing loss
·          Objects vibrating in front of me
·         Remote neural monitoring coupled with bio communication dictating what I am doing
·         2011 diagnosed with sudden hearing loss syndrome coupled with Morse Code and radio signal pulsed sounds constant ringing and intense pressure. Lived three miles from Tinker AFB Oklahoma – Dr. cannot explain
·         In ability in make a living since 1988: unexplained and unaccountable customer complaints or sudden illnesses, employers could not contact me because my phone said it was disconnected when in fact it wasn’t. Car sabotaged, my resume never reaching employers via internet etc….
·         My dog murdered, dog, cat and myself all diagnosed with nodules or tumor on thyroid
·         Witness my cat screaming in pain from being remotely tortured (vet could find any reason)
·         During attacks extreme confusion unable to find my way while driving, unable to articulate or remember. Intense white spot in my mind’s eye - blank
·         Intense itching all over body – Dr. cannot explain
·         Bee like stings on feet that leave a raised red bump
·         Body temperature randomly raised to extremely hot then lowered – Dr. cannot explain
·         Involuntary movements of my head and limbs
·         Wind knocked out of me while laying in bed
·         Police reports missing and the ones remaining falsified
·         FBI refusing to take my statement
·         Intense pain all over body with feeling of pressure
This is just an example of some of what I have been thru; I had no history of mental illness and was very close to paying off my liquor store in 1988 when I was obviously attacked with synthetic telepathy. I was forced into the mental health system as a method to discredit me, I had friends rally to my side telling the Doctors that something was done to me. No one would believe me then or now.  The use of these weapons and programs has destroyed my life.  The doctors cannot explain the above conditions and sudden recovery on the majority of them.  To date I have: Non age related cataracts, nodule on thyroid, nodule on adrenal gland and sudden hearing loss syndrome. These are all resulting from being subject to electromagnetic weapons.  Endless MRI’s, X-rays, test after test, specialist after specialist. Thousands of dollars in debt and the doctors cannot find a reason.  I have witnesses.
How much more evidence do you need?  Thousands of identical complaints, proven declassified information on these programs and weapons.  I am sure you are very well aware of them so I am not going to list them.  I demand to be removed from these programs and compensated for being a non-consensual human test subject since birth.  Hard copy to follow.


Pamela J. Anderson
553 East 20th Street
San Bernardino, Ca 92404


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