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Friday, September 9, 2011

Domestic Terrorism using Microwave Technology

By Lisa Becker

Microwave expert tell all of microwave weapons on citizens.

Barrie Trower, distinguished British Physicist and Microwave Weapons Expert, claims governments are targeting selected citizens for experimentation and slow death using microwave beams.

He says they have been perfecting these weapons since the 1970’s.  Microwave beams can be varied in their pulse frequencies and intensity.  The outcome of the beaming creates many forms of cancer and severe neurological disorders for the victim.

Auditory hallucinations and symptoms of schizophrenia are common among individuals hit with microwave.  Depending upon the frequency, it is very easy to irradiate an individual until they end up in jail or a mental hospital.

Mr. Trower claims governments actually pay people to use these weapons on their neighbors in non-consensual experimentation.  They also target people they don’t like or want to silence.

Although the gentleman demurred from stating which countries are using this technology, we know “HAARP” is a U.S. defense project and capable of creating these deadly frequencies. Linked to mind manipulation and weather modification, one can only imagine the true capabilities of this new science.  The U.S. also has the largest population of individuals complaining of directed energy attacks.  Mainstream media has tried to discredit these individuals as tin foil hat wearing, mentally ill, conspiracy theorists.  Proving once again government can count on corporate owned media to cover the sins of our out of control government.

What Mr. Trower describes are covert weapons of mass destruction, capable of destroying plant, animal and human life without anyone knowing who is behind the mayhem. Or, better yet, influence him neurologically to do your bidding.  This could very well be the only tool the New World Order needs to bring humanity into submission.  Why kill your enemy when you can turn them into your slave?

The covert use of microwave weapons undermines our national security and every freedom we still have.  This is more dangerous than any foreign enemy, real or imagined.  The men and women that use these technologies against their fellow citizens are worst than terrorists; they are traitors, guilty of treason.

Barrie Trower has come out of retirement to warn the world of this real and present danger.  See him speaking on video at:



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  3. I have been a targeted individual dince 2013 openly but it probably begin since I was pregnant with 2nd child in 2011. The worse part is they chose me while I was pregnant just as they with Miriam Carey. But all this is just in our minds no we arent crazy they are making feel and believe we are been stalked and harassed by transmitting those thoughts, feelings and voices directly into our brains. Nobody not even the us government has the time of resources to spend on the amount of t.i's to have other people in our daily lives besides the employees sitting in their "main center" to follow us around on a daily bases. So please live your lives. There is nothing that the government wants to or can do for us, they veiw t.i's as basically being dead or the walking dead. Blogs like these, the Bible and eachother is all we have to keep eachother sane. You need to know the truth that everything they say is a lie, once you believe in that then you go back to living instead spending all your time trying to look for answers that noone has. - A. Porter from San Antonio Tx

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  4. I and my entire family has been targeted since Dec. 2000. My mother was Gangstalked to DEATH. There are many similarities concerning the above TI comments. Please visit My site at If possible would you download a song written and sung by me at said site. My hone at 1419 Chew Ave. in hila. is being sold at sheriff sale Jan. 19th 2016. I have written Phila. officials stating my home is a crime scene to no avail. Windows, meters,plumbing everything trashed. SOS..same old Sh....

  5. Little slimy buggy type things scurry quickly when the rock is overturned.Evil flourishes when good people do nothing. GANGSTALKING is domestic terrorism. Domestic terrorism is a FEDERAL offense. Americans GANGSTALKING and remotely TORTURING and murdeting innocent Americans is TREASON!!!!!!!


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